July 9, 2024


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What is Hybrid Impact Training?

Hybrid impact training combines old-school learning with new school tools, eLearning. This combines in-person training with digital training tools, so learning is engaging and effective. With eLearning authoring tools, creating interactive and visually nice courses is a breeze.

Benefits of Hybrid Impact Training

  1. Engagement and Retention: Mixing different learning formats keeps learners engaged and increases retention.
  2. Flexibility: Learners can access content anytime, anywhere, and balance training with other responsibilities.
  3. Cost Savings: Reduces the need for physical materials travel, and overall training costs.
  4. Personalisation: Tailors content to individual learning needs, and overall training effectiveness.

Create Courses with Ease with Compozer

Compozer is in a league of its own when it comes to eLearning authoring tools. Here's why:

100's of Templates to Select From

Compozer has hundreds of templates to help you create stunning eLearning courses. Whether you're creating a corporate training module, educational course, or any other type of digital learning content, you'll find a template to suit your needs. Our templates are designed to engage learners and facilitate the learning process so your eLearning development is efficient and fun.

Each template is fully customisable so you can change layouts, add multimedia, and tailor content to your training objectives. So your courses will look professional and provide a rich learning experience. Compozer's design is so intuitive anyone can create great content, regardless of technical skills.

By using our template library you can speed up your course creation, save time, and focus on delivering great learning. Whether you're new to eLearning or a seasoned pro, Compozer has everything you need to succeed.

Simple Design and User Friendly

SCORM Compliant

Compozer is SCORM enabled, so you can track and report on learner progress. Great for organizations that need to maintain compliance and measure training effectiveness.

Customisation and Flexibility

While templates are a great starting point, Compozer also allows for extreme customization. You can change layouts, add multimedia, and tailor content to individual learner needs, so every learning experience is unique.

Why Compozer?

  1. Time-Saving: Save time with pre-designed templates and a user-friendly interface.
  2. Quality: Create high-quality, interactive content that keeps learners engaged.
  3. Support: Get full customer support and regular updates, so your eLearning platform grows with you.


Hybrid impact training is changing eLearning and Compozer is leading the way. With our 100 templates and powerful authoring, creating beautiful eLearning courses has never been easier. Try Compozer today!

eLearning courses has never been easier

Hybrid Impact Training FAQs

What is Hybrid Impact Training?

Hybrid impact training is face-to-face training combined with digital training tools. It's in-person sessions with eLearning modules. Learners get the best of both worlds. This way you get a more complete learning experience.

How do I get started with eLearning with Compozer?

Getting started with Compozer is easy. Choose from 100's of templates then customise them to your needs. Our eLearning authoring tool is designed to be user-friendly so you can create beautiful and engaging courses with no technical skills.

What are the benefits of using eLearning authoring tools like Compozer?

eLearning authoring tools like Compozer offer:

  • Efficiency: Save time with pre-designed templates.
  • Flexibility: Customise courses to meet specific needs.
  • Engagement: Create interactive content that keeps learners engaged.
  • Tracking: Use SCORM integration to track and report on learner progress.

How does Compozer support SCORM integration?

Compozer supports SCORM integration so you can track and report on learner progress easily. This is especially useful for organizations that need to ensure compliance and measure the success of their training programs.

Can I customise the templates in Compozer?

Yes! While Compozer has 100's templates to get you started, you can customize every aspect of them. Add multimedia, change layouts and tailor content to your specific learning objectives. This way each eLearning course is unique and engaging.

What kind of support can I expect from Compozer?

Compozer has comprehensive customer support including tutorials, FAQs, and direct assistance. We want to help you create the best eLearning courses possible and our support team is always here to help with any questions or issues.

How does hybrid impact training improve learner engagement?

Hybrid impact training engages learners by combining interactive eLearning modules with in-person sessions. This mix keeps learners interested and covers different learning styles. Engaging content and multiple learning methods helps retention and understanding.