June 21, 2024


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Good interactive elements enhance the eLearning experience by engaging learners and facilitating knowledge retention. Essential interactive elements are crucial for creating effective eLearning courses, especially when using advanced eLearning authoring tools.

Interactive Quizzes

Quizzes are interactive ways to test how well learners understand the content. These are built into your eLearning authoring tools and give instant feedback, reinforcing the learning and highlighting where to improve. From multiple choice to drag and drop, they make learning more fun.

Compozer makes this even better by having loads of quiz templates to choose from. These quizzes can be multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, or scenario-based. Quizzes give instant feedback so learners can see their strengths and weaknesses straight away. Compozer's analytics also tracks quiz results so instructors can tailor their teaching to the needs of the learner. This is a game changer for creating awesome eLearning content.

Quizzes are interactive ways to test how well learners understand the content.

Simulations and Scenarios

Simulations and scenarios let learners apply their learning in real life. These interactive bits are key in eLearning authoring tools so learners can practice in a safe space. Hands-on learning means learners can apply their learning in the real world.

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are great. They can have hotspots, branching scenarios, and in-video quizzes. Using eLearning authoring tools to create these videos turns passive viewing into active learning and increases retention and understanding.


Gamification is where you add game elements to learning – points, badges, and leaderboards. Learners are motivated and learning is fun. Elearning authoring tools often have features to add gamification and increase learner engagement.

Gamification is where you add game elements to learning – points, badges, and leaderboards.

Drag-and-Drop Activities

Drag-and-drop activities are simple but effective interactive elements. Learners match terms, categorise information or sequence events, and reinforce the content through active learning. Elearning authoring tools make it easy to create these activities and add variety to your eLearning.

Drag-and-drop activities are simple but effective interactive elements.

Interactive Infographics

Interactive infographics show information visually and allow learners to explore data and concepts interactively. Using eLearning authoring tools you can create infographics with clickable elements, animations, and embedded multimedia to make complex information more consumable.

Branching Scenarios

Branching scenarios allow learners to choose multiple paths based on their answers, simulating real-life decision-making. These scenarios created with elearning authoring tools help learners see the consequences of their choices and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Adding social learning elements to eLearning platforms promotes active learning and the overall learning experience. Features like threaded discussions, live chats, and collaborative projects allow learners to engage with each other and the instructor in meaningful ways.

User-generated content and peer reviews add to the learning environment and provide opportunities for self-assessment and continuous improvement. Knowledge is shared through these platforms so learning isn't limited to individual experiences but is amplified through community interaction. With advanced e-learning authoring tools, educators can create dynamic and interactive learning communities that drive engagement and results.

Discussion Boards and Social Learning

Discussion boards and social learning features allow learners to collaborate and communicate. These interactive bits, enabled by eLearning authoring tools, allow peer-to-peer learning and sharing of ideas and feedback.

Compozer amplifies these benefits by providing robust features such as threaded discussions, real-time chat, and collaborative projects.

Discussion boards and social learning features allow learners to collaborate and communicate.

Why Compozer is an eLearning Game Changer

Compozer is an eLearning redefined, a seamless and easy authoring tool to create engaging and interactive courses. With hundreds of templates to choose from Compozer is a versatile platform to create beautiful and pedagogically sound eLearning content. No design skills are required, anyone can create high-quality content.

This is content creation democratised, freelancers and big companies can create effective eLearning solutions.

Compozer's unique templates cover a wide range of industries so each course is tailored to the specific learning needs. The templates are mobile-first, so you can be creative and learners can access content on any device. Mobile accessibility is key, learners can access content anytime, anywhere. And Compozer can export to SCORM so it's seamless with any Learning Management System (LMS) making it a must-have tool for educators and corporate trainers.

And Compozer's product and service support is unmatched in the eLearning industry. You can rely on full support so any issues are resolved quickly and you can use all the features of the platform. Compozer's pricing is value for money, with plans for individuals and companies. Whether you choose the Freemium plan to try out the tool or the Freelancer and Enterprise plans for more features, Compozer has a plan that suits you.



You need to include the interactive bits in your eLearning courses using eLearning authoring tools to have engaging, effective, and dynamic learning experiences. Interactive quizzes, simulations, interactive videos, gamification, drag and drop, interactive infographics, branching scenarios, and discussion boards are the key bits that make learning more effective and knowledge retention.