August 28, 2023


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In any business, staff are your greatest asset. With a well-rounded, competent set of staff, business operations run smoothly and efficiently. For these reasons, we think that training staff is crucial for any successful businesses, and is important in retaining employees. With a high employee turnover rate, it becomes difficult to manage the effectiveness of teams within your business, forcing you to constantly manage role handovers (which is not the most fun task if you ask me). Effective training will solidify your employees and create a flourishing workplace.

E-learning is the perfect tool to make your training processes easier, and in turn, create a solid framework for staff relationships to your business. E-learning allows you to maximise your employee’s skills, using minimal time and resources. In simpler terms - less input and higher output! Let me explain this idea.

As e-learning is fundamentally based online, your staff have the ability to undertake training from anywhere, at any time. At the same time, you don’t have to run face-to-face training sessions, and use resources that could be better spent someplace else. This is because e-learning is scalable - a “one time investment”. You can also reuse your training resources for each employee that enters your business, rather than repeatedly delivering the same thing face-to-face. Time is precious, and using it in a better way can do worlds of benefit for your business! 


Training is not just about the money! Naturally, an employee will want to find the best value for their hard work - but this value is not only monetary. As we have seen time and time again, staff value a safe and nurturing workplace that will support their ability to grow and further their skill sets. So much legislation has been created in attempts to create a safer and more comfortable workplace, but doing the bare minimum won’t guarantee you happy staff. A workplace that fulfils these desires will essentially be able to reduce their staff turnover and have employees that know the ins and outs of your business. For this reason, training and re-training your staff is crucial, and e-learning is the perfect tool to do so. As mentioned above, while you’re ensuring your staff feel supported and confident in your workplace, you’re also saving time and resources! 

E-learning creates a sort of consistency that you will not otherwise be able to find in a traditional classroom.

Different teachers and trainers have their own style of teaching, and as human nature often is, they may make mistakes, or forget details. This may not give your staff the highest quality of training, and each employee will have slightly different information. You may find that your operations lack the smoothness and efficiency it should have due to slight inconsistencies. You might even have little clashes between staff because of the differences in working styles, and no one likes an argument. With online learning, each employee will receive the same sets of information and develop closely matched working styles, making your business processes more agile and organised. An efficient and organised workplace will often give your staff reassurance and create motivation to work better, and most importantly, stay within your business (Yay, less role handovers!). 

The interactive and unique nature of E-learning is the optimal tool to use when looking towards training staff, which will create employee retention. Compozer will offer you all the necessary tools to create your training programs, with hundreds of pre-made templates, perfectly built to customise and create the ideal program for your employees.