August 28, 2023


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Change is controversial, some people love it, but some hate it. Whether you love it or hate it, you’ve got to adapt. In today's rapidly evolving world, everyone must adapt to changing ways of working - whether it be an organisation providing their employees with training, or teachers providing students with education. Instructional design is a critical component in creating effective learning experiences. What else can you expect when you combine high quality learning objectives, content and assessments with personalised and engaging learning materials!


Effective instructional design can boost productivity within any organisation, or in general learning. Incorporating instructional design principles into training programs will make sure that learners receive the best education and training in the most efficient way possible.  As a course creator, one of your top goals should also be creating engaging and interactive learning experiences. By using multimedia elements such as videos, animations, and interactive activities, instructional design can make training more interesting and enjoyable for everyone. The end result? The most productive and skilled employees and students you’ve ever seen (good news for you if you’re a business owner!).

Learning is one thing, but to see how much you have truly understood, measuring your learning is also important. Instructional design allows you to measure learning outcomes, which is crucial for effective teaching. By creating clear learning objectives and assessments that measure whether these objectives have been met, instructional design enables teachers to identify areas where their programs can be improved. There is one, and only one, disadvantage to this: no more pretending you have completed your work.

Incorporating e-learning into instructional design can make your content more effective and efficient. It’s a lot easier too! E-learning can complement instructional design in several ways, such as providing learners with interactive content such as videos, simulations, and games, and allowing for real-time feedback to track learners' progress and identify areas for improvement (I apologise again to those who don’t like to actually do their work).

Here’s where we come in. Compozer is the perfect tool for combining e-learning with instructional design. With ready-to-go templates, you will be saving time and money, with tools that will help you create the perfect course to maximise your efforts!

In today's competitive environment, effective education is essential for any learning successes. Instructional design would make a world of difference to your efforts in teaching and training. Add in e-learning to the mix and your students are sorted! It’s definitely worth incorporating into your content.