August 28, 2023


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Have you ever had to read through a textbook or presentation with harsh patterns and colours all across the page, distracting you from the actual content? It can be tremendously difficult to pay attention and learn when the learning design isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Good e-learning design can be a game changer when it comes to education and staff training. 


As a business owner specifically, you need an efficient set of staff, who have a well-rounded knowledge of your business and its processes. Your staff will be able to much better grasp concepts if the training modules they received have an organised and clean design. 

As a student, I used to use all sorts of neon highlighters in an attempt to organise, and ended up becoming frustrated with the clutter. A more organised design would make life a lot easier by reducing the stress of cluttered and overstimulating content. Bonus points: you actually learn! Good e-learning design can help in engaging learners and keep them interested in the course content. By using multimedia elements, interactive activities, and clear, concise language, you’re more likely to stay focused and retain information. On top of this, a creative and engaging design will keep users interacting with the content. In my opinion, it is such a pain reliever for both students and businesses. The key thing is that everyone learns and retains!

Learning isn’t just about retaining information, you should also enjoy it. A good e-learning design is important because it improves the overall user experience. By using an organised and user-friendly design, learners are more likely to enjoy the course and find it easy to navigate. You’re also creating a positive environment, and learning can also become something you look forward to, rather than dread. 

Accessibility and inclusivity have become absolutely essential in today’s environment - no one should feel left out! Good e-learning design can increase accessibility for learners with disabilities. By using features such as closed captions, screen readers, and other accessibility tools, e-learning courses can be made more inclusive and accessible to a wider range of learners. For example, learners who encounter ADHD may find it a lot easier to focus if they are given a clean and clear design. Whether you’re a business or teacher, it is very important to take into account the needs of your staff and create a positive and supportive environment. Keeping content user-friendly is the perfect way of launching this environment. 


With all this said, a good e-learning design can also break through from the educational norms. If you consider the traditional documents of information, or even a basic powerpoint presentation, you’d know that it becomes extremely draining to read and recall information. I for one have started to completely zone out regular presentations and documents. Everyone appreciates a positive change! It’s a new decade, so it's time to bring about some new presentation styles. If you’re in doubt, Compozer has hundreds of pre-made templates, offering new features and is designed to perfectly suit your educational and training needs. Your staff and students will never fall asleep with the interactive design elements, and unique styles to keep them engaged. 

A good e-learning design is essential for creating effective, engaging, and accessible online learning experiences for your staff and students. Compozer is the perfect way to create well designed courses, with minimal resources, and will ensure that your users are just as satisfied as you!