August 28, 2023


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2020. A year of rapid change, almost entirely shifting our perception of what we once thought was “normal”. Facing a pandemic, and its lockdown, we were forced to innovate, and find different ways to continue living life. From students to teachers, and employees to employers - the world has had to adapt to a new form of learning. From this, the concept of e-learning began to grow, with Zoom becoming the classroom, and Microsoft Word becoming a notebook. 


E-learning has now become an important aspect of our lives, perfectly complimenting the increasing use of technology in education. E-learning is now the new norm, offering many advantages - as we will discuss below.

E-learning can be used in any environment, and is a mobile, user-friendly alternative to learning. You can access your work from anywhere, whether you’re in a library, or from the comfort of your own bed. This flexibility has become an essential part of our lives, and e-learning is the perfect tool. Employers will gain benefit through this flexibility as offering training to employees becomes a simpler, more convenient task - while also making sure that staff are retained!

This digital culture continues to progress and will become the future of learning, with Compozer being a new leader in e-learning creator tools. 

For those who live in rural areas, or those who may just be unwilling to take the effort of travelling to learn, e-learning is the optimal tool. Traditional learning is rigid in where and what time individuals must learn, whereas e-learning allows users to learn from anywhere, at any time. This accessibility also allows users to undertake courses in different countries, bringing newfound knowledge from each corner of the world. E-learning is also an affordable option for undertaking courses or running staff training programs. While face-to-face training requires more resources and facilities, the online base of the e-learning model allows educators to provide information for cheaper, and often at no cost. 

E-learning is fun! With the endless amount of digital interaction, catering to each individual learning style, e-learning can be a source of entertainment. You will be able to engage better with customised digital content and learn more effectively. With e-learning, learning becomes less of a task and motivates participation. This is particularly valuable to business owners, with e-learning motivating a more concentrated understanding of what is required by staff, making sure you have a smooth-functioning work environment. 

E-learning is constantly evolving, and is becoming the foundation of education and training. Compozer offers a newfound way to make curating digital content easier, and more engaging. With hundreds of pre-made templates, creating learning outlets has become more efficient for creators, and more accessible for users. Compozer also offers an endless degree of customisation, fitting every creator’s needs. The future of e-learning is promising, and technology is advancing education - we can’t wait to see what is created next!